Our website is being redesigned!

The Foreign Accents Rugs website is temporarily off line during the final development stage of a new and much improved www.foreignaccentsrugs.com. We trust that this is not a significant inconvenience, and to that end, we are providing access to the following information that can be used during this transition period.


(1) E-Catalog. Click the link below. This catalog design and layout will become the format for our 2016 hard copy catalog that is due to be printed in the 4th quarter of 2015.

Download our E-Catalog here.


(2) Specials Poster. Click the link below for an updated and unpriced version of our Specials Poster. The poster image can be enlarged proportionately, and thus the images can be enlarged. Many of these rugs were recently in our program going forward. A few remain in our current program, but may be overstocked in a specific design and color.

Download our Specials Poster here.


(3) Inventory Online. Our current inventory of all rugs in our warehouse is updated daily. For our retail dealers, we offer password-protected access to this information. Please contact the following address to obtain this access: info@foreignaccentsrugs.com.